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Fiduciary Retirement Plan Review Projects

The Starting Point is a 6-week Fiduciary Governance redesign. We'll identify the direction your governance should take, dive deeply into your plan design and documentation, and work through formalizing your governance structure and board delegations. We'll map out your decision making process and structure it with the latest best practices. Oh, and by the way, the entire process is built in a way that you can track, analyze, and develop upon your ongoing review.

One time fee of $7,500

The Starting Point

"Trusted Path" Ongoing Consultant Services

The Trusted Path ongoing consulting services focus on continually improving fiduciary governance, reducing costs and improving investment outcomes. Our pricing philosophy for these services is that fees should equal the value of services provided. We charge fixed fees based on the amount of time we spend, the complexity of the situation, and the amount of liability we accept. Our belief is that traditional investment asset based fees are arbitrary and quickly become very expensive as the asset levels grow. Also, asset-based fees grow even though no additional services are provided. In some cases, we may utilize asset-based fees if it is more appropriate for certain clients.

Our prices are quoted as fixed for the level of services provided, with a minimum  annual retainer of $10,000. When benchmarked against the PlanTools universe of Investment Advisors providing retirement plan & investment consulting services, Guidance Point fees are  less expensive than approximately 80% of other Investment Advisors.

The Trusted Path

All Client Services Include:

Investment Services

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Selection of Investment Options
  • Monitoring of Investments
  • Investment Manager and Mutual Fund Searches
  • Selection of Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) for retirement plans
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Reports
  • General Market Updates

Fiduciary Services

  • Fiduciary assessment & governance
  • Fiduciary consulting
  • Plan Document Review for Retirement Plans
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Comprehensive Fee Benchmarking
  • Committee Meeting Attendance
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Fiduciary Document Maintenance
  • Vendor (Recordkeeper, Custodian and Trustee) Service Contract Renegotiations